Why Choose Getgood Consulting?

Getgood Consulting specialises in Senior HR Leadership and all disciplines with the Human Resources field. 

Getgood Consulting works across a number of sectors, industries and functions tailoring its HR leadership, transition, Industrial Relations, development and support services to meet the specific client’s needs. 

Jamie Getgood is a sought-after international motivational keynote speaker with a vast array of unique HR experiences that allows him to impart knowledge and influence leaders, speaking with integrity and from the heart.

As Director, Jamie Getgood has selected highly experienced and relational consultants to join him in bringing his clients the best opportunity for success.

Jamie Getgood

CEO & Founder

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The Director and owner, Jamie Getgood has a proven track record of achievement within a number of multinational organizations. 

With GM Holden closing its manufacturing operations in Australia, Jamie undertook leadership in the development of a best practice Transition Centre to support all employees in receiving the support, advice and training to help them transition into new work. Within this work he was instrumental in not only developing internal strategies but creating networks within multiple government departments, the supply chain, employers and community groups. 

Jamie’s passion for people, his focus on employee engagement and the success of the business is evident in his achievements. This passion allowed him to develop pivotal relationships with all of the employees which is crucial in assisting in their transition into new opportunities. 

As a result of the work in this area, Jamie was named as the South Australian AND Australian Leader/Manager of the year at the Australian Excellence Awards in 2017.  These accolades and his drive to support all people, have seen him develop strong relationships within the HR community across Australia and build a reputation as a leader in the transition space in this country.

Jody Williams

HR Consultant

Jody is an experienced Senior HR leader who has worked directly with Jamie over a number of years both within GM Holden and now Getgood Consulting.

Jody had led multiple HR teams through major changes and restructures and was a pivotal influence within Holden as it finished manufacturing in Australia. Jody has a strong balance of compassion, integrity and trust and has helped coach and mentor business leaders in becoming great people advocates.

Jody has a strong background in Industrial relations and builds strong relationships with business leaders, union advocates and employees.

Matt Thomson

Organisational Development/

HR Consultant

Joshua Long

Organisational Psychologist Consultant

Joshua is an experienced Senior management and team Leader who has worked directly with Jamie for the last 2 years within Influencers Church corporate and now with Getgood Consulting.

Joshua has led and trained multiple sales and leadership teams in both the corporate sector as well as the religious church operations in the United States of America and in Australia. Joshua relies on his strong balance of character, integrity and trust and thrives to help every individual become the best version of themselves.

Joshua has a strong background in social psychology and individual/group development that focuses on building strong team relationships.

Ruben Chaumont

Organisational Development Consultant

Ruben 2 x 2.jpg

Ruben has worked with over 40 organizations in Europe and Asia to help them build high-engagement company cultures, by helping them craft and scale innovative governance, HR and management practices throughout their organizations.


Ruben is an expert from the field of Positive Organizational Psychology. He is an adjunct faculty at the Asian Insitute of Management (Philippines) where he facilitates programs designed to help CEOs and Executives build high-engagement cultures within their companies.

Sally Renshaw

Organisational Development/

Senior HR Consultant


Sally is recognised as a strategic and successful Organisational Development executive. She works with leaders and teams to maximise potential, improve engagement and drive high performance cultures. Having a deep passion for helping people to achieve success holistically in their development, wellbeing, transition and career, Sally works with organisations to develop and implement customised leadership and professional development programs. She also works with diagnostic tools and surveys to measure and monitor team and organisational health and performance. 


Having previously led the high-profile large-scale transition program for GM Holden, Sally believes the project’s success can be attributed to the empathetic and positive approach taken by the team who worked in their circle of influence to achieve extraordinary results.


As a facilitator, Sally is enthusiastic and engaging. She is relentless in inspiring her audience on the big picture strategy and she is able to break down topics into day-to-day actionable items that invigorate any workforce.