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Jamie Getgood is a sought-after international motivational keynote speaker with a vast array of unique HR experiences that allows him to impart knowledge and influence leaders, speaking with integrity and from the heart. 

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A summary of the events and organisations he has and will be speaking at are as follows:

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Vienna, Austria
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IR Summit 2018 - Chair
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Having been at the forefront of the closure of the Automotive industry, Jamie has represented Holden and the South Australian government with many presentations to the Media and for promotional purposes.

A couple of examples below highlight the impact of the Holden closure and an example of the world class transition centre that was set up by Holden to support the automotive workforce:

60 Minutes - End of the Lion

Holden Transition Centre


Despite the closure of manufacturing for Holden in Australia, the closure program was managed so successfully that it ended up with best practice results with its transition program and a manufacturing plant with the best metrics it had ever seen. 

The success of this program led to a number of the learnings being included in a best selling book authored by Reward Gateway. The book called the "Rebel Playbook" focuses on the various elements of successful employee engagement initiatives and features case studies from all round the world. Details on the book can be found at the following link or button below:

David Pich, CEO of the Institute of Managers and Leaders - Australia and New Zealand has also written a second leadership book called Leading Well. In this book, Jamie Getgood co-authored the chapter on respect which is a crucial element to organisational success. This book can be found at the following link or button below: